Friday, January 25, 2013

Our first North Star Bridge student has received his AA in Psychology at MCC!!!!! This young man has come a long way. He has now enrolled at ASU for the Spring, 2013 semester. We are very proud of him.

To keep him on his feet, he really needs a part-time job that is flexible. Is there anyone out there that can help? Please email me at

Friday, February 25, 2011

Income Greater Than Expenses = Opportunity for Success

     DG continues to amaze me. Financial aid has arrived less the small deduction for text books. She has opened a checking account, talking about clearing some old debt, and paying the non-profit back. I told her it is time to sit and talk through her finances for the semester. Her classes, like those of many others, have a strong computer-based component.  She still needs a laptop and internet connection. The library does not always offer an available computer and internet connection. Anyone have an old laptop to donate?

     Making sure she does not have to worry about her finances for the spring semester makes focusing on college and work easier. We'll talk with her and see how to make this semester a success.

     Visit us at We'd love to hear from you!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Donations Really Help!

Your donations bridged DG into college and a stable job. She checked in via e-mail over the weekend. These are her words.

"Things are going great. Still waiting on the FA (financial aid) info. I'm going to be paying you back and getting a laptop.  Also, I am looking into getting internet at my apt to make homework a little easier. My psych 101 teacher has us turn in all assignments online. Work is going great. I got my license so I am able to stay here and work for as long as I want to. I am really happy about that. Having a stable job took a lot of stress away!"

Visit us on or Facebook. Please consider donating and bridging someone to success. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

President's Scholar

     We have the pleasure of helping a President's Scholar this semester! Two years ago, she was enrolled in college on the President's Scholarship. Her health required her to drop out. Unfortunately, the college required her to pay remit the scholarship value prior to returning to college. In this economy employment was only seasonal and home life forced her to sleep on a friend's couch. There was no way to save the money to be eligible ot return to college and live each day.
     A donor decided to remit the scholarship value so she could return to college. Seasonal employment is beginning to look like permanent employment and spring classes are in full swing. Financial aid is funding her education.
     Life is better. She has committed to herself to make an "A" in every class as she pursues her education. This one will go far. I see a Nobel Prize in her future!

Another Self-Sufficient College Student

     Sometimes success is achieved quickly. Our Veterinarian Technician student is already self-sufficient. A difficult three-month period of time required limited financial assistance to get her to a more stable situation. She has a new studio apartment away from a difficult situation, is enrolled in the work/study program, has been approved for financial aid, and is enjoying her spring class schedule.
     She has been bridge to a successful path that will let her reach her north star. Please share these great stories with your friends and consider donating at You could make a difference in the life of someone else.We take no money for salaries or facilities. We buy a few brochures and keep the web site running ourselves. When you donate, only the students benefit.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Read one student's North Star Bridge Journey

I have recently heard from one of our current students who has allowed me to share his story!
I posted it on our website at:

Have a blessed Christmas season from Lee and Sue Glascoe
North Star Bridge Project

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Veterinarian Technician Student has Joined the Bridge Program

     The Bridge Program is working! One has graduated in the 98th percentile as a dental hygienist and another has been financially independent for most of 2010! Two others are rapidly completing their degrees with outstanding grades! I am so happy for them and thankful their paths have crossed mine. I've been blessed!
     We are happy to say that the North Star Bridge Project has another student in the Bridge Program. She is studying to be a veterinarian technician.She has been living life on her own since age 14 and could use a little financial assistance and a caring hand to help her reach her north star. Life has been unkind and she has no family in Arizona. If you have any items to donate to help furnish a studio apartment, call us at 602-492-6727 or email us at We may need them in the coming months. It would make a GREAT holiday gift to someone in need.
     The students that we help are gifted, but poverty, abuse, broken homes, and abandonment are some of the issues that have placed them in this situation. They have strong characters but the life handed to them takes effort to change. A donated item or small financial gift will make a difference in their lives. If you can relate to a struggling, intelligent, young woman looking to make a life that she can call her own, please consider donating at All donations are tax-deductible. We need your support. I guarantee you, too, will be blessed as we keep you posted on their progress.