Monday, January 31, 2011

President's Scholar

     We have the pleasure of helping a President's Scholar this semester! Two years ago, she was enrolled in college on the President's Scholarship. Her health required her to drop out. Unfortunately, the college required her to pay remit the scholarship value prior to returning to college. In this economy employment was only seasonal and home life forced her to sleep on a friend's couch. There was no way to save the money to be eligible ot return to college and live each day.
     A donor decided to remit the scholarship value so she could return to college. Seasonal employment is beginning to look like permanent employment and spring classes are in full swing. Financial aid is funding her education.
     Life is better. She has committed to herself to make an "A" in every class as she pursues her education. This one will go far. I see a Nobel Prize in her future!

Another Self-Sufficient College Student

     Sometimes success is achieved quickly. Our Veterinarian Technician student is already self-sufficient. A difficult three-month period of time required limited financial assistance to get her to a more stable situation. She has a new studio apartment away from a difficult situation, is enrolled in the work/study program, has been approved for financial aid, and is enjoying her spring class schedule.
     She has been bridge to a successful path that will let her reach her north star. Please share these great stories with your friends and consider donating at You could make a difference in the life of someone else.We take no money for salaries or facilities. We buy a few brochures and keep the web site running ourselves. When you donate, only the students benefit.