Friday, February 25, 2011

Income Greater Than Expenses = Opportunity for Success

     DG continues to amaze me. Financial aid has arrived less the small deduction for text books. She has opened a checking account, talking about clearing some old debt, and paying the non-profit back. I told her it is time to sit and talk through her finances for the semester. Her classes, like those of many others, have a strong computer-based component.  She still needs a laptop and internet connection. The library does not always offer an available computer and internet connection. Anyone have an old laptop to donate?

     Making sure she does not have to worry about her finances for the spring semester makes focusing on college and work easier. We'll talk with her and see how to make this semester a success.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Donations Really Help!

Your donations bridged DG into college and a stable job. She checked in via e-mail over the weekend. These are her words.

"Things are going great. Still waiting on the FA (financial aid) info. I'm going to be paying you back and getting a laptop.  Also, I am looking into getting internet at my apt to make homework a little easier. My psych 101 teacher has us turn in all assignments online. Work is going great. I got my license so I am able to stay here and work for as long as I want to. I am really happy about that. Having a stable job took a lot of stress away!"

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