Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meet one of our families!

Tonight we enjoyed the company of the newest family to our program.

They shared a meal with us in our home, and their girls enjoyed playing with our boys and our dog (the cats were hiding).   We gave the girls the gifts that were donated by you,  and they were very excited!

Our youngest son was especially entertaining, as seen in these photos.   He had the girls giggling ALL night long!!!  They should all sleep well tonight! :)

Their girls have such wonderful hearts and contagious laughs!

Our student has her board exam coming up in January, and we were pleased to tell her that, with your help, we are able to pay for her board exam in full.   She was so relieved and excited that she was crying!   It is such a joy to be able to tell someone they can follow their dream!

Her husband enjoyed watching his family have a wonderful time.  It was a sense of peace for him, knowing his family will make it through this difficult time.

We feel so blessed by all of you to be able to help families like this create a bridge to their North Star!

Thank you all so much!   Have a very Merry Christmas and an incredibly blessed New Year!

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